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    About Us

    Fujian Anxi Jufeng Handicraft Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. It covers a floor area of over 100 mu. It is an industrial trade group enterprise specializing in design, production and sales of residual art work.

    For 20 years, we have wholeheartedly built the residual products of supreme quality; for 20 years, we have sincerely created the full delight in life; for 20 years, we have formed Jufengs brand strength through responsibilities; for 20 years, we have encouraged every Jufeng person to forge ahead with honor and build the superior leisure life for people of all ranks and classes in every era.

    E-mail Address :info@fjjufeng.com / byron@fjjufeng.com 
    Http://www.vestniksmg.com/ http://www.xmjurui.com
    Address:Aojiang Jufeng Industrial Park,anxi County,Fujian,China
    Copyright ©2014  Fujian Anxi Jufeng Handicraft Co.,Ltd.
    (福建安溪聚豐工藝品有限公司) All right Reserved.

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